Announcing Jackie MacDonald

The Information Without Borders Conference committee is excited to announce that Jacqueline MacDonald, a member of Dalhousie SIM’s adjunct faculty and a part-time instructor, will be a panelist at the 2017 conference.


A member of SIM’s adjunct faculty and a part-time instructor since 2007, Jackie’s PhD research (U. Sheffield) examined health service managers’ oral information sharing to support decision-making and the related roles of credibility, relevance and value in information appraisal, and satisficing, finding and using just enough information to make the best decision in time to make a difference, rather than exhaustively searching and considering every piece of information only to reach a conclusion too late.

Jackie worked in academic settings (Dalhousie, Acadia and U Saskatchewan) for the first half of her career as an information professional, then as a health services manager /ad hoc “copyright police”, and most recently as a privacy officer (CIAPP certified). She is a graduate of Dalhousie (MLS) and of University of Alberta Information Access and Protection of Privacy (IAPP) programs and completed U of T certificate programs in records management. She is currently completing a UK certification in information risk management and working with a pan-Canadian group on a research project examining mediated search practices.

At SIM, Jackie has supervised student projects related to service-level health policy, corporate records management and research data management and developed and taught SIM’s course in Expert Searching for Clients. Other courses taught include Research Methods, Health Sciences Literature and Information Sources and Social Sciences and Humanities Literature and Information Sources.

Jackie lives on a Lunenburg County farm that raises three breeds of registered heritage sheep.