Information at Home


  • Dorene Bernard, Keynote Speaker: Mi’kmaq Grassroots Grandmother, Water Protector, Water Walker, and Residential School Survivor
    Truth in the Spirit of Reconciliation
  • Sarah Beanlands, Closing Speaker: Principal and Senior Archaeologist, Boreas Heritage Consulting Inc.
    Removing Information Barriers in Archaeology
  • David Wilcox: Program Lead, LYRASIS
    Open Source Library Software
  • Emily Glover: Registered Dietitian and Food Literacy Specialist, Halifax Public Libraries
    Food Literacy
  • Andrew Steeves: Founder, Gaspereau Press
    Local Publishing Practices
  • Susan McClure: President, Council of Nova Scotia Archives
    Diversifying the Archives
  • Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan: Professor of Health Promotion, Faculty of Health, Dalhousie University
    Archiving LGBT+ History
  • Meredith Batt: Assistant Archivist, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, and Vice-President, Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick
    Archiving LGBT+ History
  • Lydia Hunsberger: Research Assistant, Nova Scotia LGBT+ Seniors Archive, and MLIS Candidate 2020
    Archiving LGBT+ History
  • Rebecca Rose: Author and Activist
    Archiving LGBT+ History

Student Speakers

  • Erica Finch: Definitions of Extra-Illustration: Current and Future Points of Contention
  • Jill Liu: Indigenous Healing: An Alternative Approach to Mental Healing
  • Nicole Slipp: Creating Accessible Online Tutorials for Library Services

Committee Members

  • Kate Newhook: Co-Chair
  • Jess Kelly: Co-Chair
  • Nathan Hynes: Administration
  • Rachel Moore: Programming
  • Erica Flake: Programming
  • Jill Liu: Logistics
  • Ally Patton: Logistics
  • Jason Lee: Finance
  • Keshava Pallavi Gone: Finance
  • Tamanna Moharana: Registration
  • Cora-Lynn Munroe-Lynds: Registration
  • Lydia Hunsberger: Web & Communications
  • Meaghan Rout: Web & Communications