The Information Without Borders executive committee is comprised of seven members, four returning members and three incoming members. Members typically sit on the IWB Committee for a two-year term. All committee members are current candidates in Dalhousie University’s Master of Information program.


The Co-Chairs are in charge of leading, supporting, and assisting the IWB Committee in their roles. Furthermore, the Co-Chairs report to the Faculty and the School of Information Management’s Students’ Association (SIMSA) on the progress and actions of the IWB Committee.

Alysha Try

Alysha Try (she/they) is a second-year Master of Information student at Dalhousie University. Before coming to SIM, Alysha spent 5+ years in progressive administrative roles supporting corporate finance functions. Originally from Ontario, Alysha holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree with a double major in English Literature and Film Studies, as well as a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management. Outside of school, Alysha enjoys going on walks and reading everything from pop culture news to sci-fi novels.  

Kory Melnick

Kory Melnick is in her final year of the Master of Information and Master of Resource and Environmental Management combined program at Dalhousie University. Kory graduated from Queen’s University in 2020 with a BAH in Global Development Studies and Environmental Science. Kory is passionate about fostering safe spaces for people to discover, play, and create while encouraging them to engage with information and technology with excitement and curiosity. When Kory is not at home reading or tending to her plants, you can find her out hiking with her dog or exploring a nearby beach. 


The Programming Chair is responsible for researching, contacting, and liaising with potential and confirmed individuals speaking at the IWB conference.

Michelle Westerkamp

Michelle Westerkamp is a second-year Master of Information student at Dalhousie’s School of Information Management. She completed her undergrad at the University of Prince Edward Island with a major in English and minor in Business Administration. Michelle loves learning new things but is particularly interested in access to information. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys playing video games and reading.

Fundraising & Finance

The Fundraising & Finance Chair is responsible for managing the bank account. This includes creating and maintaining the budget, keeping organized records, and working with the other chairs on monetary matters. The Fundraising & Finance Chair can raise money through a variety of means including, but not limited to, fundraising campaigns and applying for grants.

Annette Amenta

Annette Amenta (she/her) is a second year Master of Information student at Dalhousie University. Originally from Markham, Ontario, Annette has earned a Bachelor of Arts in French and History from McMaster University, as well as a Master of Arts in History and Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Senior) from Western University. She has a love of all things archives and research and is currently an intern at Dalhousie University Archives. In her spare time, Annette enjoys baking and experimenting with allergy-friendly foods, crocheting, and strolling around the public gardens.


The Logistics Chair is responsible for arranging the online venue and platform for the day of the conference. In addition, Logistics will conduct careful planning in coordination with the programming committee to logistically plan out the sessions, as well as other features of the conference. Logistics is also responsible for addressing any technical issues during the conference.

Kellie Dalton

Originally from Ontario, Kellie moved to Nova Scotia to attend the Master of Information program at Dalhousie University. With a Specialist Honours BA in Fine Art History from the University of Toronto, she focused on the automaton and artificial intelligence in art. Her past interests have led to her post-graduate interests in how decentralized information systems can be used to by people to maintain and regain autonomy of their information. When she’s not following obscure research paths into the unknown, she enjoys playing video games, drawing and going out for long wanders around the city.


The Registration Chair is responsible for researching and implementing a web-based registration system, as well as attending to the needs of all registrants before and during the online conference. The Registration Chair is also available to assist attendees with any questions or concerns prior to and on the day of the conference.

Alison Brierley

Alison is a first-year Master of Information student at Dalhousie University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Psychology, and certificates in Film Arts and Creative Writing. After completing her studies, Alison pursued a career in marketing and communications, gaining valuable experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors. She is originally from Vancouver, BC and in her spare time enjoys swimming, live music, and exploring new hiking trails on the East Coast. 

Web & Communications

The Web & Communications Chair is responsible for developing and updating the IWB website and maintaining social media accounts. The Web & Communications Chair also develop marketing strategies and advertising material.

Toni Beaton

Toni (she/her) is a first-year Master of Information student at Dalhousie. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Toni holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Religion & Culture, and a Bachelor in Elementary Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to enrolling in the School of Information Management, Toni taught at Canadian international schools from 2014 to 2021 in Egypt, Mexico, and St. Maarten. Outside of school, she enjoys sailing, exploring the streets of downtown Halifax, and relaxing in any green space with a good book.