I.M. Easy Tech: Information Technologies – Transforming Professions

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. B. T. Boadway: Director of Health Policy, Ontario Medical Association
    No Breathing Room: National Illness Cost of Air Pollution
  • Mark Leggott: University Librarian,Robertson Library
    Building a Library Transmogrifier


  • Dr. Kevin Quigley (Moderator): School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University
  • Kate Greene Stanhope: Regional Knowledge Management Librarian, McInnes Cooper Lawyers
  • Grace Patterson: Assistant Professor, Medical Informatics and Division of Medical Education
  • Kelly WooShue: Halifax Public Libraries, Spring Garden Branch
  • James Boxall (Moderator): Maps and Geospatial Information Collection, Dalhousie University
  • Rebecca Bartlett: Librarian, Parrsboro Regional Elementary and High Schools
  • Graham Nickerson: President of Highland Geo Solutions
  • Paul Boudreau: Project Manager, Coastal and Ocean Information Network
  • Corey Nelson: Account Manager, Atlantic Region, ESRI Canada Ltd.

Committee Members

  • Rodney Howland: Chair
  • Cordelia Perry: Programming
  • Cheryl Caballero: Programming and Marketing
  • Kendra Rush: Fundraising and Marketing
  • Sarah McCormack: Fundraising
  • Janet Ayles: Logistics
  • Jenn Anderson: Logistics