Information Accessibility


  • Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor, Gallaudet University
    Wood & Glass: Windows, Barriers & Borders
  • Daniel Rotsztain, Closing Speaker: Urban Geographer, Artist, and Cartographer
    Distorted Cartographies
  • Patricia Doyle-Bedwell: Professor & Native Studies Instructor, Dalhousie University
    Decolonizing the University: Mi’kmaq Traditional Knowledge
  • Jean LaRoche: Veteran Reporter, CBC
    The Two Sides of Information Access
  • Carla Heggie: Information Access and Privacy Professional
    The Two Sides of Information Access
  • Bianca Mercer: Prison Abolitionist, First-Voice Narrative Expert
    Accessibility Issues for Criminalized Women: An Alternative
  • Cora Cole: GreyLit
    Empowering Authors Through Open Access & Self-Publishing
  • Katie McLean: Librarian Educator, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)
    Health Information: Access Across the Continuum
  • Robin Parker: Evidence Synthesis and Information Services Librarian, W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library
    Health Information: Access Across the Continuum
  • Lara Killian: Librarian Educator, Nova Scotia Hospital
    Health Information: Access Across the Continuum

Student Speakers

  • Nicole Marcoux: Education Not Incarceration: Information Resources as Alternatives to Prison
  • Nicole Slipp: Using Tweets as a Measure of Sponsor Engagement: Halifax Pride 2018
  • Stephen McDonald: The Right to be Forgotten: The Potential Effects on Canadian Archives

Committee Members

  • Cassandra Larose: Co-Chair
  • Jessica Pineo: Co-Chair
  • Elphege Bernard Wesson: Logistics
  • Jill Liu: Logistics
  • Laura Little: Programming
  • Kathryn Newhook: Programming
  • Samantha Adema: Registration
  • Jessica Kelly: Registration
  • Tobbi Dyer: Web & Communications
  • Lydia Hunsberger: Web & Communications
  • Crystal Vaughan: Finance & Fundraising
  • Jason Lee: Finance & Fundraising