Announcing Jennifer Grek Martin

Jennifer Grek MartinThe 2018 IWB executive is excited to announce that Jennifer Grek Martin will be a speaker at our conference this year.

Jennifer Grek Martin is a Lecturer at the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada and is pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD on how people use fantasy film and literature to give meaning to places in the Real World.
Jennifer’s research path has been a winding one: with an MSc in Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MLIS degree at Dalhousie University, she eventually realized a passion for how people receive, process, and represent geospatial information, and how they act on this information. She is curious how we use social media to give meaning to places, and to define ourselves, which resulted in her being part of The World Hobbit Project, an international film survey of Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy. She is now part of a similar project for Game of Thrones, which focuses on the role dystopic fantasy plays in people’s lives. Jennifer currently teaches courses in research methods, history of the book, and geospatial and environmental informatics, a course which is taught concurrently with the School of Resource and Environmental Studies. She is also a practicing cartographer and Tolkien fan.