Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Colin Conrad, Dalhousie University: “Boring Dystopia? An Optimistic Case for Generative AI in Higher Education”
  • Dr. Jamila Ghaddar, Dalhousie University

Lightning Talk Speakers:

  • Sandi Stewart, University of New Brunswick: “Reflections on a Marine History Project at the Shelburne County Museum: Digitization & Oral History”
  • David Michels, Sir James Dunn Law Library Dalhousie University: “Building Future Faith: Bible Literacy as an Information Literacy Challenge”
  • James Boxall, Dalhousie University: “The Future of Information is Nowhere
  • Nicole Marcoux, Killam Library Dalhousie Libraries: “Scientific Information Literacy for the Greater Good”
  • Poppy Riddle, Dalhousie University: “Exploratory Search”
  • Ursula Mogensen, Nova Scotia Provincial Library: “The Future of Libraries is Accessible”
  • Kaitlin Fuller, Angus L. MacDonald Library St. Francis Xavier University: “Chat GPT and Beyond: Academic Library Work in the World of Generative AI”
  • Louise Gillis, Dalhousie Libraries: “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It: Using Data Management Planning to Get You Where You Want to Go”

Student Poster Presenters:

  • Courtney Pearce, Dalhousie University: “Describing 2SLGBTQIA+ people and concepts: How can LCSH do better?”
  • Alison Brierley, Dalhousie University: “Using Information Policy to Improve Emergency Communications Critical Infrastructure Management in Atlantic Canada Amidst Climate Change”
  • Carolyn Smith, Dalhousie University: “A Blueprint for Decolonization in Community Archives”
  • Rebecca Marjoram, Dalhousie University: “Privilege in Publishing: Investigating the Impact of Scientific Reputation on Peer-Reviewed Outcomes”
  • Alex Legault, Dalhousie University: “Optimizing Evidence Uptake in Climate Policy: The Case of Urban Coastal Municipalities”

IWB 2024 Committee:

  • Naomi Richards: Co-Chair and Finance Chair
  • Rebecca Marjoram: Co-Chair
  • Jenna Green: Programming Chair
  • Rowan Moore: Logistics Chair
  • Chloe Whittaker: Administration Chair
  • Kate Gaffney: Registration Chair
  • Brenna Thibodeau: Web and Communications Chair
  • Fiona Jensen: Committee Member At Large
  • Toni Beaton: Committee Member At Large
  • Alex Legault: Committee Member At Large
  • Alissa Kossar: Volunteer Coordinator