Information as Power


  • Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Keynote Speaker: Educator, Author, Curator, andProfessor of Art History at McGill University
    Grappling with the Colonial Archive: The Production and Circulation of Information in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Canadian Slavery 
  • Dr. Heidi Julien, Keynote Speaker: Professor of Information Science at the University at Buffalo Graduate School
    The Power of Information: Digital Literacy and Misinformation
  • Alison Brown: Instructor, Ethics Officer, and PhD Student at Dalhousie University
    The Power of Shared Reading for Families Experiencing Maternal Incarceration
  • Beth Trembley: Novelist, Essay Writer, Sketchnoter, and Comic Maker
    “Are you a guy or a girl?” “Does it matter?”: Information, Power, Identity, and Comics in an LGBTQ+ Environment
  • Reclaiming Our Roots: Mi’kmaw led program that aims to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth with meaningful land-based learning experiences rooted in Mi’kmaw values.
    Indigenous Youth Knowledge Mobilization
  • Sofia Stancioff: Sociologist, Activist, and Canadian Regional Ambassador for Art + Feminism
    Writing History Together: The Potentials and Pitfalls of Wikipedia

Committee Members

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