Information Management for Climate Change Adaption


  • Steve Easterbrook: Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto
    Computing the Climate: How Computer Models Help us to Understand Future Climate Change
  • Carl Duivenvoorden: Speaker, Writer & Sustainability Consultant
    Beyond an Inconvenient Truth
  • Dr. Fred Whoriskey: Executive Director, Ocean Tracking Network
    Ocean Tracking Network (OTN): New Technology and New Information in Preparation for  a Changing Ocean
  • Dr. Kumiko Azetsu-Scott: Research Scientist, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
    Ocean Acidification: How Data are Being Collected and Used
  • Jason Hollett: Department of Energy
  • Megan Leslie: Member of Parliament for Halifax (2015)
  • Dr. Tony Charles: Director, School of the Environment & Professor, Sobey’s School of Business, Saint Mary’s University
    Knowledge into (Adaptation) Action: Coping with a Climate Change
  • Dr. Patricia Manuel: Director, School of Planning, Dalhousie University
    Time and Tide: Aging Communities and Rising Seas, A Rural Planning Challenge
  • Dr. Adam Fenech: Director, Climate Research Lab, University of Prince Edward Island
  • Dr. Cristian Suteanu: Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s University
    Synergies in Environmental Information Management : Methodological Applications Regarding Space-Time Variability in the Atmosphere
  • Dr. Angela Wiacek: Associate Professor, Environmental Science/ Astronomy & Physics
    Air Quality in a Changing Climate- Without Borders!