Announcing Cristian Suteanu

The Information Without Borders Conference Committee is delighted to announce Dr. Christian Suteanu, who will be speaking in the breakout session entitled “Mapping, Modelling & Climate Informatics” at the 2015 conference.

Dr. Suteanu is an Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, cross-appointed in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies and the Department of Environmental Science. He is the Chairperson of the Environmental Science Department.
His main interests concern information processes and the role they play in environmental systems as well as in our relation to the environment.
On one hand, he focuses on nonlinear analysis and modeling of complex systems and their links to the science of information, including the development of methodological approaches to environmental processes; applications include climate variability, renewable energy, and natural hazards. On the other hand, he studies epistemological aspects of our interactions with the environment.
His courses include Environmental Pattern Analysis and Modeling, Environmental Information Management, as well as statistics, natural hazards, and graduate and post-doc courses on nonlinear approaches to natural complex systems.