Session Descriptions

Robin Parker, Katie McLean & Lara Killian

Health librarians practicing in academic and health care settings will explore information accessibility using current health topic examples. They will illustrate how information access impacts a range of consumers including learners, clinicians, policy makers, patients, and caregivers. The panelists will detail how their respective library settings implement collaborative solutions to address these impacts.

Nicole Marcoux- Education Not Incarceration: Information Resources as Alternatives to Prison

Steven McDonald- The Right to be Forgotten: The Potential Effects on Canadian Archives

Nicole Slipp- Using Tweets as a Measure of Sponsor Engagement: Halifax Pride 2018

Cora Cole

This presentation will talk about the global movement toward open access and will share the latest news and debates regarding open access including Plan S, and the University of California vs Elsevier.   The impact of the open access movement is well articulated for academic journals and publishers of those journals, but this presentation will talk about the impact on grey literature.

Librarians know there is a world of information outside of the academia-the world of grey literature that holds equally insightful and valuable clues that impact patients, programs and policies. Librarians and producers of grey literature know that if it could be accessed consistently it would, in fact, change the way research is published and information is shared.  This begs the question; could open access bring insightful grey literature to the surface where it can be found quickly and consistently? This presentation will describe open access as an opportunity to empower librarians, authors and producers of front-line information and research with practical self-publishing tips and insights.

Jean Laroache & Carla Heggie

Jean Laroche, reporter, and Carla Heggie, Information Access & Privacy Professional, will discuss access to government information from two viewpoints- as requestor; as responder. Drawing from their mutual experiences of working with information access and privacy legislation, they will share insights on the pros, cons, frustrations, and joys of working within the world of access.

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