Announcing Opening Keynote

The Information Without Borders Conference is excited to present Steve Easterbrook, who will be giving our opening keynote presentation at the 2015 conference.

S_EasterbrookSteve Easterbrook is a professor of computer science at the University of Toronto. He studies how computer models of complex system behaviour can help us to make wise choices about living sustainably on planet earth. His teaching and research focus on the dynamics of complex systems. He conducted the first detailed anthropological study of how climate scientists build and test computational simulations of the earth’s climate, and is currently investigating how weaknesses in people’s understanding of climate change lead to poor decision-making. In his teaching he uses hands-on simulations to help students develop critical thinking skills to analyze global problems. Before he moved to Toronto, he worked for NASA, analyzing the safety of the flight software on the space shuttle and the international space station, and before that, he taught cognitive science at the University of Sussex in the UK.