IWB 2017: Call for Applications

Where and when is the conference?
This year the conference will be on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 in the McInnes Room in the Student Union Building (2nd Floor), with the use of adjacent classrooms for breakout sessions.

How does the committee work?
When the incoming positions are filled, the committee will total 12 members. Chairs sign up for a two-year term and work in pairs (one incoming student & one returning student), allowing for a diverse support network.

Although the conference is a large event which requires a lot of planning, our team breaks down the work into a manageable amount. Next year, incoming chairs will transition into the returning chair roles. In the Fall term, we will have a one hour meeting every other week. In the Winter term, we will meet once a week until the day of the conference.

What positions are currently open for applications?
All positions provide a great opportunity to receive valuable collaboration, problem-solving, communication and project management experience outside of the curriculum. This conference will help set you apart from the competition in the job market, due to its diverse real-world applicability.

Available Positions:
Incoming Programming Chair (2 year term)
Incoming Finance & Fundraising Chair (2 year term)
Incoming Logistics Chair (2 year term)
Incoming Registration Chair (2 year term)
Incoming Web & Communications Chair (2 year term)

How can I apply?
Email a statement of interest and a resume to iwb@dal.ca by midnight on Thursday, September 29th, 2016. If there is a particular position (or positions) that interest you, let us know!

Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

iwb@dal.ca OR IWB Co-Chairs, 2017:
Nick Manuel – nicholas.manuel@dal.ca
Keri McCaffrey – keri.mccaffrey@dal.ca



Incoming Programming Chair
The Programming Chairs are responsible for researching, contacting, and liaising with potential and confirmed individuals speaking at the IWB conference. For confirmed speakers, the Programming Chairs will help to arrange the travel and accommodations of the keynote speakers. On the day of the conference, the Programing Chairs will help to welcome speakers to Halifax, acting as ambassadors for the event. The Programming Chairs will also organize the student speaker and poster presentations.

Incoming Finance & Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising & Finance Chairs are responsible for managing the financial operations of the committee. This includes creating and maintaining the budget, keeping organized records, and working with the other chairs on monetary matters. The Finance & Fundraising Chairs will pursue additional funding opportunities via various grants and alternative avenues. The Finance & Fundraising Chairs will also collaborate on other fundraising initiatives.

Incoming Logistics Chair
The Logistics Chairs are responsible for arranging the venue for the day of the conference. This includes planning and arranging catering, table dressings, and technology needed the day of the conference, as well as coordinating and booking the venue. The Logistics Chairs will also arrange the materials to be included in the conference gift bags (swag). Attention to detail is a plus in this role.

Incoming Registration Chair
The Registration Chairs are responsible for implementing the web-based registration system, as well as attending to the needs of all registrants. We are using the Eventbrite registration system, attached to our wordpress-based website. The Registration Chairs will keep track of the dietary and accessibility needs of conference attendees and relay this information to the Logistics Chairs. The Registration Chairs are also in charge of welcoming and guiding attendees on the day of the conference.

Incoming Web & Communications Chair
The Web and Communications Chairs act as our Public Relations duo. These chairs are responsible for developing and updating the IWB website (a WordPress-based platform) and social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter). The Web and Communication Chairs are also in charge of developing marketing strategies and promotional materials to advertise the conference. This may include (but is not limited to) the design of posters and pamphlets, as well as placing advertisements in local news outlets and relevant community list-servs/newsletters. The Web & Communications Chairs will monitor the Twitter Feed on the day of the conference to determine the “Best Tweeter” award.

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