Presenting Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy

The Information Without Borders Conference committee is delighted to announce that Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Professor at Dalhousie University, will be giving a presentation at the 2016 conference.


Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Professor, Dalhousie University, is an internationally recognized expert in population needs-based approaches to health systems and workforce planning, evaluation and research. Gail is also the Director of the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning and Research (with a mandate to build capacity in needs-based health human resources planning within Canada and internationally) and the Centre for Nursing and Health Research (with a vision to undertake collaborative research to improve and sustain people’s health and well-being) at Dalhousie, Lead Coordinator of the Eastern Hub of the Pan-Canadian HHR Network (CHHRN) and a Co-Investigator at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto.

Gail leads and co-leads national and international research teams consisting of clinicians, health care leaders, senior policy-makers, and researchers from government, universities and health care organizations and has been an Expert Advisor on health workforce to the WHO and PAHO since 2005.

She has worked with health authorities and governments in Canada and other countries to develop health workforce planning and to evaluate models of care. Her research has garnered wide-spread interest from governments and other stakeholders because of its potential to significantly impact health policy in Canada and abroad.