Information Accessibility

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor, Gallaudet University

Wood & Glass: Windows, Barriers & Borders

Daniel Rotsztain, Closing Speaker: Urban Geographer, Artist, and Cartographer

Distorted Cartographies

Patricia Doyle-Bedwell: Professor & Native Studies Instructor, Dalhousie University

 Decolonizing the University: Mi’kmaq Traditional Knowledge

Jean LaRoche: Veteran Reporter, CBC

The Two Sides of Information Access

Carla Heggie: Information Access and Privacy Professional

The Two Sides of Information Access

Bianca Mercer: Prison Abolitionist, First-Voice Narrative Expert

Accessibility Issues for Criminalized Women: An Alternative

Cora Cole: GreyLit

Empowering Authors Through Open Access & Self-Publishing

Katie McLean: Librarian Educator, Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA)

Health Information: Access Across the Continuum

Robin Parker: Evidence Synthesis and Information Services Librarian, W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library

Health Information: Access Across the Continuum

Lara Killian: Librarian Educator, Nova Scotia Hospital

Health Information: Access Across the Continuum

Nicole Marcoux: Education Not Incarceration: Information Resources as Alternatives to Prison

Nicole Slipp: Using Tweets as a Measure of Sponsor Engagement: Halifax Pride 2018

Stephen McDonald: The Right to be Forgotten: The Potential Effects on Canadian Archives

Cassandra Larose: Co-Chair

Jessica Pineo: Co-Chair

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Jason Lee: Finance & Fundraising

Information in Mass Media

Victoria Rubin: Associate Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies & Director, Language and Information Technologies Research Lab, University of Western Ontario

Tami Oliphant: Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of


Mike Bardsley: Revolve

Janice Cruddas: Writer & Director, ARC

Katie Toth: Freelance Reporter

Dr. Jason Grek Martin: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Saint Mary’s University

Jennifer Grek Martin: Lecturer, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Rebecca Ansems: President, Women in Technology Society & Vice-President Internal, Computer Science Society, Dalhousie University

Diana Castillo: Co-Chair

Kim Mortimer: Co-Chair

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Digital Governance

Wayne Smith: Statistics Canada

Dr. Amanda Clarke: Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carelton University

Natasha Clarke: Executive Director, Digital Services, Service Nova Scotia

Adrian Cloete: Journalist, Integrated Marketing Director

Chevonne Lyons: Manager of Information Management, Department of Internal Services

Connie Michaelis: Director, Corporate Information Management Program, Department of Internal Services

Lori Harrop: Communications Strategist

Jenna Jacobson: PhD Candidate, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information  

Robert Currie (Moderator): Professor of Law, Director of Law & Technology, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Dr. Robert Whalen: Faculty, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Jackie MacDonald: Faculty, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Carla Heggie: Former Information Access & Privacy Manager, Nova Scotia Provincial Government

Managing Health Information: Technologies and Strategies for the 21st Century

Gail Crook: Canadian College of Health Information Management

Dr. Robert Strang: Chief Public Health Officer

Dr. Tara Sampalli: Assistant Director for Research, Nova Scotia Health Authority & Assistant Professor, Medical Informatics, Dalhousie University

Dr. Samina Abidi: Medical Informatics, Dalhousie University

Dr. Annette Elliott Rose: Research Associate, World Health Organization & Pan-American Health Organization Collaborating Centre, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University

Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell: Health Services Researcher & Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health & Epidemiology, Dalhousie University

Michelle Tougas: Researcher, Community Health and Epidemiology

Andrea Kampen: Social Media Lab, Ryerson University

Debbie Martin: Professor, School of Health and Human Performance, Dalhousie University

Lara Killian (Moderator): Librarian Educator, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Dr. Andrea Murphy: Associate Professor & Pharmacist, Dalhousie University

Dave MacNeil: Halifax Public Libraries

Andrea Reynolds: Library & A/V Services, IWK Health Center

Nora McGruer

Scarlett Kelly

Leah Boulos

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Information Management for Climate Change Adaption

Steve Easterbrook: Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Computing the Climate: How Computer Models Help us to Understand Future Climate Change

Carl Duivenvoorden: Speaker, Writer & Sustainability Consultant

Beyond an Inconvenient Truth

Dr. Fred Whoriskey: Executive Director, Ocean Tracking Network

Ocean Tracking Network (OTN): New Technology and New Information in Preparation for  a Changing Ocean

Dr. Kumiko Azetsu-Scott: Research Scientist, Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Ocean Acidification: How Data are Being Collected and Used

Jason Hollett: Department of Energy

Megan Leslie: Member of Parliament for Halifax (2015)

Dr. Tony Charles: Director, School of the Environment & Professor, Sobey’s School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Knowledge into (Adaptation) Action: Coping with a Climate Change

Dr. Patricia Manuel: Director, School of Planning, Dalhousie University

Time and Tide: Aging Communities and Rising Seas, A Rural Planning Challenge

Dr. Adam Fenech: Director, Climate Research Lab, University of Prince Edward Island

Dr. Cristian Suteanu: Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s University

Synergies in Environmental Information Management : Methodological Applications Regarding Space-Time Variability in the Atmosphere

Dr. Angela Wiacek: Associate Professor, Environmental Science/ Astronomy & Physics

Air Quality in a Changing Climate- Without Borders!

Privacy, Security and Surveillance: Developments and Challenges in the Information Age

Ron Deibert: Professor of Political Science, Director of the Canada Center for Global Security Studies and the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs

Jacquelyn Burkell: Associate Professor, Faculty of Media Studies, University of Western Ontario

Carolyn Watters: Vice-President, Academic & Provost

Opening remarks

Wayne MacKay: University Administrator, Legal Scholar, Constitutional and Human Rights Expert

Mike Smit: Assistant Professor, School of Information Management,

Creighton Barrett: Digital Archivist, Dalhousie University Archives

Charmaine Borg: New Democratic Party Member of Parliament for Terrebonne Riding

David Fraser: Internet, Technology and Privacy Lawyer

Marc Harper

Hilary Lynd

Lee Wilson

Evolving Professions: Working Within the Information Economy

Stephen Abram: Managing Principal, Lighthouse Partners and Dysart & Jones

Dr. Eric Mitchell: Assistant Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Dr. Andre Vellino: Associate Professor, Information Studies, University of Ottawa

Dr. Raza Abidi: Professor of Computer Science and Director of Health Informatics, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University

Geoff Flood: Founder, T4G Limited

Rolf Kwakkelaar: Co-Founder, Open Solution Providers

Agnes MacNeil: Nova Scotia Department of Justice

Connie Michaelis: Director of the Corporate Information management Program, Province of Nova Scotia’s Chief Information Office

Open Access and Closed Content: The Information Dichotomy

Jeff Shelstad: CEO and Co-Founder, Flat World Knowledge Inc.

Keynote Speaker

Leslie Chan: Senior Lecturer, University of Toronto

Keynote Speaker

Harlan Onsrud: Professor of Spatial Information Science and Engineering, School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine

Mark Leggot: University Librarian, Robertson University/ President & CEO, DiscoveryGarden Inc.

Sandra L. Cascadden: Chief Health Information Officer, Nova Scotia Department of Health

David Fraser: Privacy Practice Group Leader, McInnes Cooper Lawyers

Dwight Fischer: AVP-CIO, Dalhousie Information Technology Services

Marc Belliveau: Partner, Intellectual Property, Computer and Technology Transactions, Corporate and Commercial Transactions and Security Law.

Darrell Varga: Canadian Research Chair in Contemporary Film and Media Studies, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

Anne-Marie Monteith: Director of Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy, Industry Canada

Bertrum MacDonald: Moderator

Gillian Byrne: Manager, Council of Atlantic University Libraries

Ian Colford: Development Librarian and Copyright Officer, Dalhousie University

Bruce Gorman: Director of Information Technology and Collection Management, Halifax Public Libraries

Tanja Harrison: University Librarian, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

Peter Webster: Associate University Librarian & Information Technology Services, Patrick Power Library

Ken Williment: Halifax Public Libraries

Kate MacDonald: Committee Co-Chair & Fundraising

Laura Dukowski: Committee Co-Chair & Treasurer

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Ryan Dyck: First Year Representative

Madeline Driscol: First Year Representative


Change Management: Anticipation and Adaptation in the Information Landscape

Hugh Ritchie: Director, Industry Solutions Open Text

G20 and Social Media: The World’s Largest Public Sector Social Media Project

Mark Leggott: University Librarian, Robertson University

Open Transformation

Bill St. Arnaud: Consultant, Green IT

Information Change Management and Global Warming

Calvino Cheng: Hemapathologist, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center and Capital District Health Authority

Navigating Uncharted Waters: The Increasing Role of Informatics and Business Intelligence in the Diagnostic Laboratory

Pam Bjorson: Director General, NCRC-CISTI

Keynote Speaker

Lea Bryden: Capital Health

Dan MacDonald: Vice President of Marketing, EastLink

Shannon MacDonald: Atlantic Practice Managing Partner, Deloitte

Ryan Deschamps: e-Learning Manager, Halifax Public Libraries

Jérémie LeBlanc: Natural Resources Canada

Kate Greene Stanhope: Regional Reference and Training Librarian, McInnes Cooper Lawyers

Erin O’Halloran: Committee Co-Chair & Fundraising

Mary Zazelenchuk: Committee Co-Chair & Programming

Kimberly Senf: Communications

Kate MacDonald: First Year Representative & Secretary

Hillary Webb: Logistics

Andrea Crabbe: Marketing and Design

Dana Echtner: Registration

Leah Brisco: Treasurer

Tracy Daley: Web Development


Pathways, Portals and Peoples: Managing Information Globally

Dr. Daniel J. Caron: Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Dwight Fischer: Assistant Vice President & CIO, Dalhousie University

Judith Hare: Halifax Public Libraries

Carla Heggie: Information Access & Privacy Manager, Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development

Sandy Housnell: Reasearch & Outreach Advisor, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Michael Ridley: CIO & Chief Librarian, University of Guelph

Nora Young: Journalist & Speaker, CBC Radio

Geoffrey Allen: Chair & Programming

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Mary Zazelnchuk: First-Year Representative


I.M. Easy Tech: Information Technologies - Transforming Professions

Dr. B. T. Boadway: Director of Health Policy, Ontario Medical Association

No Breathing Room: National Illness Cost of Air Pollution

Mark Leggott: University Librarian,Robertson Library

Building a Library Transmogrifier

Dr. Kevin Quigley (Moderator): School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University

Kate Greene Stanhope: Regional Knowledge Management Librarian, McInnes Cooper Lawyers

Grace Patterson: Assistant Professor, Medical Informatics and Division of Medical Education

Kelly WooShue: Halifax Public Libraries, Spring Garden Branch

James Boxall (Moderator): Maps and Geospatial Information Collection, Dalhousie University

Rebecca Bartlett: Librarian, Parrsboro Regional Elementary and High Schools

Graham Nickerson: President of Highland Geo Solutions

Paul Boudreau: Project Manager, Coastal and Ocean Information Network

Corey Nelson: Account Manager, Atlantic Region, ESRI Canada Ltd.

Rodney Howland: Chair

Cordelia Perry: Programming

Cheryl Caballero: Programming and Marketing

Kendra Rush: Fundraising and Marketing

Sarah McCormack: Fundraising

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Jenn Anderson: Logistics


Information Management: Sustaining Communities

Eric Stackhouse: Chief Librarian, Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

Stephen Abram: 2008 President of the Special Libraries Association

Melissa Feaver: Chair

Jocelyn Covert: Marketing Chair

Gillian Lee: Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair

Drew McCulloch: Logistics Chair

Jodi McLaughlin: Programming Chair

Creighton Barrett: Website Development

Leadership in an Information Rich Society

David Fraser: MA, LLB, McInnes Cooper, Dalhousie Law School

Privacy and the Law: Borders in a “Borderless” World

Linda McKarney: Senior Consultant, Barrington Consulting Group

The Buisiness Side of Privacy

 Darce Fardy: President, Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia; Former Nova Scotia Provincial FIOPOP Review Officer

Freedom of Information and Citizen Engagement

Dr. Gudrun Curri: School of Business Administration, Dalhousie University

Growing a Knowledge Society: Fertile Ground for Change

Mark Leggott: University Librarian, University of Prince Edward Island

Weaving Digital Tapestry: Capacity Building in the Digital Age

Ingrid Parent: Assistant Deputy Minister, Documentary Heritage Collection Sector, Library and Archives Canada

Perspectives from the Federal Government: A Canadian Digital Information Strategy

Dr. Elizabeth Kelly

Closing Keynote

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