Meet the committee

The Information Without Borders executive committee is comprised of twelve members, six returning students and six incoming students. Each position is a two-year commitment as the incoming students are introduced to their roles by the outgoing students. Applications for the IWB committee are open to all students in Dalhousie’s MLIS program.


The Co-Chairs are in charge of leading, supporting and assisting the IWB Committee in their roles. Furthermore, the Co-Chairs report to the Faculty and the School of Information Management’s Students’ Association (SIMSA) on the progress and actions of the IWB Committee.

Cassandra Larose

Originally from Ottawa, Cassandra moved to Halifax in 2016 to work in Student Affairs at Dalhousie University. As the unofficial office go-to for research help, with a background working at Carleton University’s MacOndrum Library, she started the MLIS program at Dalhousie part-time in 2017. Cassandra loves being involved in the MLIS program, taking leadership roles on the Information Without Borders executive committee, the School of Information Management Student Association, and the SIMConnect mentorship program. Cassandra’s favourite part of working with IWB is learning about the many different types of work and research being done by information professionals. With what little spare time she has, she reads, knits, bakes, and posts pictures of her cat on the internet.

Jessica Pineo

Hailing from Truro, Nova Scotia originally, Jessica Pineo (JP) came to Halifax back in 2011 to do her undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s University, and she started her MLIS degree as a full-time student in 2017. JP loves to be involved in societies. She is one of the co-chairs for the Information Without Borders (IWB) conference, last year she was one of the finance co-chairs. She is also a part of the Iota Beta Chi sorority where she is in charge of educating pledges and participates in many philanthropy events. JP aspires to be a museum curator when she finishes her MLIS degree.


The Programming Chairs are responsible for researching, contacting, and liaising with potential and confirmed individuals speaking at the IWB conference. The Programming Chairs also organize the student speaker and poster presentations.

Laura Little

Originally from Moncton, N.B., Laura Little is an energetic and passionate information professional aiming to complete her MLIS at Dalhousie’s School of Information Management by June 2019.  After completing her undergraduate studies at Dalhousie University with a unique combined Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Biology and the History of Science & Technology, she was bound for a dynamic career. As a Dalhousie Libraries intern, she excels at programming, designing educational resources, and providing reference and research assistance. She hopes to encourage and inspire students to reach their full potential.

Kate Newhook

Originally from Nova Scotia, Kate Newhook has a BA in English and History from the University of King’s College. Currently enrolled in the MLIS program, her main area of interest is the study of traditional knowledge systems. Her interests include attempting to teach herself the art of French pastry, and constantly reorganizing her bookshelf via colour scheme.


The Logistics Chairs are responsible for arranging the venue the day of the conference. This includes planning and arranging catering, table dressings and technology needed the day of the conference, as well as coordinating and booking the venue. The Logistics Chairs also organize the silent auction the day of the conference, as well as organize conference souvenirs.

Elphege Bernard Wesson

Elphege Bernard Wesson is the outgoing logistics chair for the IWB committee, and an MLIS candidate expected to graduate in 2019. Elphege earned a B.A. from Saint Mary’s University in philosophy and anthropology. She is an avid Harry Potter fan.

Jill Liu

Jill Liu is the incoming Logistics chair. She is from China and is a first-year full-time MLIS candidate. She recieved her BA in English while in China and worked as an ESL teacher for many years. She has experience organizing events from previous jobs. Jill loves reading fiction, watching movies, and Japanese animations.

Fundraising & Finance

The Fundraising & Finance Chairs are responsible for managing the bank account. This includes creating and maintaining the budget, keeping organized records, and working with the other chairs on monetary matters. They can raise money through a variety of means including, but not limited to, fundraising campaigns and applying to grants.

Crystal Vaughan

Crystal is a part-time student in the MLIS program and is this year’s Outgoing Finance Chair. This is her second year in the role. She completed a BA (Hons) in English at Mount Saint Vincent University (2008) and an MA in English at Dalhousie University (2010). Crystal works full-time as the Administrative Manager in Dalhousie’s School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is interested in both public and academic librarianship, as well as archives.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee is a second-year MLIS part-time student. Originally from Seoul, Korea, Jason’s background was in Library and Information Science, he studied and worked in the library field. Hoping to expand his horizons, he immigrated to Canada where he now lives. After moved, he worked at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 as a Reference Assistant. He is currently working as a Library Services Supervisor at Dalhousie University Sexton Design & Technology Library. He is grateful for his diverse work experience and has had the opportunity to work with great people as well. As a father of a 3-year-old son, he is a little busy working and studying. Although he likes travelling and watching movies, he has a lot to do. However, Jason enjoys his position on the IWB committee.


The Registration Chairs are responsible for researching and implementing a web-based registration system, as well as attending to the needs of all registrants. The Registration Chairs are also in charge of welcoming and guiding all attendees on the day of the conference.

Samantha Adema

Samantha Adema is the outgoing Registration chair for the IWB committee. She is a second year MLIS student, expected to graduate in 2019. Originally from Halifax, NS, Samantha has a BA in History and Classics from Saint Mary’s University. Samantha also works as a reference intern at Dalhousie’s Sexton library.

Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly is the incoming registration chair and is excited to be a part of this year’s conference. She has her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing and is in her first year of the MLIS program at Dalhousie University.

Web And communications

 The Web and Communications Chairs are responsible for developing and updating the IWB website and maintaining social media accounts. Web and Communication chairs also develop marketing strategies and advertising material.

Tobbi Dyer

Tobbi Dyer is a student in Dalhousie’s MLIS program. She is a web and communications chair on the IWB committee.

Lydia Hunsberger

Lydia Hunsberger is originally from Elmira, Ontario and moved to Halifax in 2014 to pursue an undergraduate degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University where she obtained a BFA majoring in photography and minoring in art history. Developing an interest in archives, digital collections and curation, Lydia applied for Dalhousie’s Master of Library and Information Studies program where she is currently enrolled. In the past, Lydia has enjoyed volunteering as a docent for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and gaining work experience as an intern at the Nova Scotia Public Archives and, currently, at the Dalhousie Archives. When Lydia is not busy with school, work, or extra-curriculars she enjoys her art practice, knitting, exploring the outdoors, and fermenting foods.

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