The IWB Committee


The Co-Chairs are in charge of leading, supporting and assisting the IWB Committee in their roles. Furthermore, the Co-Chairs report to the Faculty and the School of Information Management’s Students’ Association (SIMSA) on the progress and actions of the IWB Committee.

 Programming Chairs

The Programming Chairs are responsible for researching, contacting, and liaising with potential and confirmed individuals speaking at the IWB conference. The Programming Chairs also organize the student speaker and poster presentations.

Logistics Chairs

The Logistics Chairs are responsible for arranging the venue the day of the conference. This includes planning and arranging catering, table dressings and technology needed the day of the conference, as well as coordinating and booking the venue. The Logistics Chairs also organize the silent auction the day of the conference, as well as choose and organize the materials to be given away in the IWB “Swag Bags.”

 Fundraising & Finance Chairs

The Fundraising & Finance Chairs are responsible for managing the bank account. This includes creating and maintaining the budget, keeping organized records, and working with the other chairs on monetary matters. They can raise money through a variety of means including, but not limited to, fundraising campaigns and applying to grants.

 Registration Chairs

The Registration Chairs are responsible for researching and implementing a web-based registration system, as well as attending to the needs of all registrants. The Registration Chairs are also in charge of welcoming and guiding all attendees on the day of the conference.

 Web and Communications Chairs

 The Web and Communications Chairs are responsible for developing and updating the IWB website and social media accounts. Web and Communication chairs also develop marketing strategies and advertising material.